Adprint18 is an Advertising Agency providing excellent services in promotion, printing and graphic design though a winning combination of a vintage team of professionals, the newest software and high quality printing devices and technology.You can be sure that you have put your needs in to the hands of the right team, a team with long-term experience that will fulfill your expectations every time, even in the face of irrelevant detail.We are ready to provide our services in promotion, presentation of your company,



Quality assurance evaluates and modifies an organization's procedures to make sure they provide the desired results. A quality assurance plan includes an organizational structure, details on each employee's responsibilities, and the qualifications an employee needs to fulfill those responsibilities.


You have heard it before … it’s not what you know but who you know… especially in business. Have you ever looked at one of your competitors and wonder how they are getting more attention, more clients and more profits than you are? This is especially painful when you know that you offer a better product and better service than they do.


A 96.8% on-time delivery performance – the highest on-time delivery rate the company has ever seen. This is an incredible feat for a company making thousands of shipments a year to customers around the world. Way to go Polymet!

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